India Competitive Intelligence

Since the latest global financial crisis a decade ago, focus on emerging markets is more critical and relevant than ever before in the past. Many Fortune 500s and large multinationals are faced with declining or stagnant sales in their home countries and at a broader level, in the western hemisphere. Moreover, senior management of prominent multinational businesses are going back to the drawing board to decrease costs and think “out-of-the box” for long term growth and success. As a result, large multinationals are rapidly turning to emerging economies – not only viewing them as target markets but also beyond - such as manufacturing hubs and sourcing partners.

India is recognized as one of the most attractive emerging markets of the world. It largely remained unaffected from the global financial crisis of 2009 and portrays promising signs of long term growth. In India, the fast-changing and fragmented marketplace gives way to a fierce competition between two broad categories of players in the competitive landscape:

  • Premium brand players who are typically foreign companies or Indian firms producing high quality product sometimes on-par with that of their multinational counterparts
  • Local players - sometimes highly fragmented with hundreds, of providers - producing cheaper product for the more "price-sensitive, less quality conscious" buyer
India Competitive Intelligence, an affiliate unit of Solidiance, helps you to have a clear understanding of India’s competitive landscape in which any company aims to compete requires a deep and in-depth knowledge of the Indian manufacturing terrain and the USP of key & emerging competitors in the market.

Who We Are

SolidianceMarket Research India is an Asia focused premier management consulting firm that assists Fortune 500s and large multinationals to take critical business decisions to achieve their business objectives or solve their business problems or dilemmas. We offer competitive intelligence services by using a systematic and structured approach rather than an adhoc one. We assist you by understanding India’s competitive landscape and dynamics across the length and breadth of this diverse country by collecting and analyzing detailed information relevant to your sphere of operation or business interest from a plethora of information source streams, not limiting ourselves to just broad-level secondary research.

From our rich and diverse experience we know that competitive intelligence requires more than just a broad level understanding of the direct and indirect competitors operating in the marketplace, but it also comes with a strong analysis of other aspects such as supplier and vendor relationships, customer focus, plant locations and the regulatory terrain to name a few. Having true competitive awareness of how players in India excel in your industry requires a 360 degree holistic evaluation of the entire India ecosystem in which your business participates in. And such an understanding and evaluation can only come from high-caliber, locally networked, culturally sensitive and acutely aware professionals who have worked with multinationals exploring their competitive position in one of the world's most popular and populous emerging markets. Our in-house talent i.e. our consultants and analysts are handpicked and are typically natives who hold business degrees from top international business schools and have diverse industry experience - which puts us in a unique position to dig deeper into the Indian market with an international mindset.

Contact us today at our India office or one of our other seven offices in the region: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our Clients

Some of the India Competitive Intelligence services we offer

  • India competitive landscape
  • Competitive intelligence India
  • India customers intelligence
  • India hospital competitive intelligence
  • India oil & gas competitive intelligence
  • India competitor risk analysis
  • Indian companies competitive intelligence
  • India medical equipment competitive intelligence
  • India competitive intelligence training
  • Indian competitors analysis
  • India competitor benchmarking
  • India power competitive intelligence
  • India competitor tracking
  • India competitor profiling
  • India competitive strategy
  • India counterintelligence
  • India construction materials competitive intelligence
  • India chemicals competitive intelligence
  • Indian competitors capability analysis
  • India information technology intelligence
  • India telecom competitive intelligence
  • India manufacturing competitive intelligence
  • India healthcare competitive intelligence
  • India cleantech intelligence
  • Indian company commercial due diligence