How We Conduct and Lead

Competitive Intelligence in India

Solidiance's area of expertise includes (but not limited to) the India heavy industrial, manufacturing, construction related industries, healthcare & medtech, information technology, telecommunications and green tech sectors. We can of course intervene in different industries and we have occasionally covered the India education, FMCG and agriculture sectors too amongst others.

Our in-house team of consultants and analysts are trained in elicitation techniques that lead to a dialogue rather than a question and answer structure when learning about key players in an industry. The team gathers, analyzes, and manages all the external information that your company needs to take crucial business decisions. What distinguishes us from other service providers is:

Structured execution process and keeping delivery promises

By getting our hands dirty in the market, our team can capture market activity and pre-empt future developments of your India competitors. This will put our client in an enviable position of having advanced identification of competitive risks that are likely to arise in conducting business in India. And we do this within the set deadlines.

Ethical approach to gaining Competitive Insights

Most of our clients are world’s leading Fortune 500 companies and therefore we are aware of their high standards of business performance ethics. We proudly embrace the same level of professionalism and work ethic in working on our clients’ behalf and conduct the intelligence by carrying out legal collection and analysis of the information regarding competitor’s activities and intentions. We abide to the code of conducts of Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and Esomar. We are your loyal partners and custodians of your India strategy and sign our contracts and Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) under Singapore law to ease your enforcement. Yes, we are that confident we will not fail.

India flavor with Asia impact

One of our main strengths lies in the foundation of our unique Asia Pacific capabilities and network. We pride ourselves in having a proficient team that are not only well-versed in Hindi, English and many regional languages, but also have a great awareness of the Indian industry and local cultures. Should you need our services outside India, we have several other Asia offices ready to support your Asia competitive intelligence needs.

An interview with Heiko Bugs, Partner Asia Pacific

Q Why should large international businesses look at India?

H India is one of the most important emerging global markets on there are no long-term forecasts that don’t describe India as an important and growing force in the world economy. Hardly a surprise given its population of over 1.2 billion. India has a strong service, R&D and manufacturing driven economy and the growing middle class underlines its importance as domestic market.

Q What differentiates India Competitive Intelligence from other intelligence service providers?

H We have senior staff involvement from the start to secure and maintain relationship with the interviewees, often using open ended questions to encourage interviewees to talk/explain a topic rather than a yes/no answer. Our consultants have hands on work experience in a large variety of industries and our clients benefit from this understanding, allowing us to extract more detailed information and to cross reference information already during an interview.

Q Can you share a case in point to demonstrate how Competitive Intelligence can significantly drive growth and gain business advantage in the Indian market?

H The client wanted to understand the intensity of competition to plan their next expansion step. During the course of the assignment, we discovered several companies that were also active in adjacent business areas. This opened up new cooperation opportunities and allowed the client aggressively grow into two new sectors.

Q How does India Competitive Intelligence measure its success and effectiveness in the market?

H Competitive intelligence has two main functions – defense and attack. On one hand It allows a company to understand strategies employed by competitors, assess the threat to its own business and to develop defensive measures. Actions can range from pricing adjustments, expansion of services, targeting of additional customer groups to regional expansion and others. The second important function is to provide the required insights to identify weaknesses, synergies and potential opportunities to further expand business. Ultimately we measure our success by our clients top and bottom line growth.

Q When do firms in India actually need Competitive Intelligence, and why would India Competitive Intelligence be the right option?

H Expansion of established companies and the entry of more international players are constantly changing India’s competitive environment. The experience and skillset of India Competitive Intelligence distinguishes us from other service providers. We thoroughly analyze the market players but we don’t stop here – we work with the client to move insights into actionable recommendations to stay ahead of competition.

Solidiance have recently proven to be an excellent partner for our teams, providing reliable insights and understanding of markets we operate within across Asia. Their advice and guidance has helped both develop and refine a strategic approach to how we operate in the region and I am very happy to recommend their work and capabilities.

David Fang (Director of Global Market and Competitive Intelligence Covidien)