Feasibility Study for the Expansion of Cement and Construction Chemical Business in India

03 Aug 2020   |  India Competitive Intelligence


Performing dry mortar market assessment for Japanese cement and construction MNC planning to set the new business in India.


Our client, a leading Japanese MNC in cement and construction chemical business, was looking into India to set up a new business base; and wanted to assess the feasibility. The client wanted to assess if the size and growth in India were sufficient to launch a dry mortar business with a local partner.

Cement and Construction Chemical Business


YCP Solidiance team did comprehensive research on the Indian Dry Mortar market to map the current and potential demand in the next 3-5 years. YCP Solidiance team also shortlisted and profiled top#10 potential JV partners and recommended the top#3 potential JV partners for the client backed with strategic rationale for each partner.


Research and analysis-driven (Market data, potential partner’s universe, and shortlisted profiles info) ~70-80%; Strategic insights for a recommendation on JV ~20-30%.


Several global majors (including our client) were already eying India as a large market for dry mortar. We provided the client with a strong understanding of the size, growth outlook, and market landscape for dry mortar for the next 3-5 years. The client also had a strong understanding of the capabilities of the top #10 potential partners that would enable them to penetrate deeply into the Indian dry mortar market.