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Capture new prospects in Indian technology, media, and telecommunications industry and find creative interactive and high-tech solutions to your business challenges.

India Technology, Media & Telecommunications Consulting
India TMT Market Research
Explore opportunities in the future tech hub. India is heading towards a digital economy of US$ 1 billion by 2022, with more than 450 million Internet users. India retains cost advantage in the delivery of IT services, which will continue to be its unique selling point in the global sourcing industry.

The telecommunications sector in India has the second-highest smartphone market in the world, with a customer base of more than 1.2 billion. High development is guided by its broader availability, competitive subsidies, the extension of 3G & 4G penetration, and changing habits of users, among others.

Our team at India Competitive Intelligence offers technology, media & telecommunications consultancy services to clients through core markets such as 5G network, IoT and Big Data, advanced analytics, AI, Cloud Computing, digital media, AR & VR, and several more. We support clients to cope with difficult business challenges and compete over the massive Indian industry.

Our Key Service Offerings

India Market Intelligence

Our in-depth, hands-on industry knowledge lets us get insights into the realistic Indian marketplace. Clients should be driven to foresee sudden shifts in consumer expectations and the economic environment.

India Market Entry

We aim to reduce financial uncertainty for clients who are planning to enter and expand in the new market by providing business support for customers, competitors, networks, suppliers, partners, and many more.

India Competitive Intelligence

We perform a thorough study of Indian market competition and benefit from past best practices to prevent unnecessary infringements. Strategic advantages are given to our clients by exploiting the untapped business potential and finding the blind spots of competitors.

India Customer Intelligence

We obtain data from various outlets to determine potential consumers' purchasing habits, preferences, and behaviors, contributing to the development of new products.

Our Success Stories

Market Expansion in North and West India for a Lubricant Manufacturer

Together with the client, YCP Solidiance developed a strong value proposition for its prospective distributors covering aspects such as investment needed, support, expected return on investment for the distributor and its channel partners, and key competitive advantages of client's business.


Our Success Stories

Feasibility Study for the Expansion of Cement and Construction Chemical Business in India

YCP Solidiance team did comprehensive research on the Indian Dry Mortar market to map the current and potential demand in the next 3-5 years.



India’s IT and ITeS Sectors
A Hopeful Year Ahead for India’s IT and ITeS Sectors

The Indian government is taking measures to support startups by simplifying regulations and providing income tax exemptions by setting up a Rs 10,000 crore fund for startups operated by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (Sidbi)

Healthtech in India
Investing in India’s Healthcare Sector: Opportunities in Healthtech

COVID-19 has intensified the current change in the healthcare industry through the usage of healthcare technology, giving preference to patient-centric remote monitoring solutions and introducing non-contact technologies.

V-Shaped Economic Recovery India
India to See Sharp V-Shaped Economic Recovery

While India is one of the most impacted countries of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the nation will see a sharp V-shaped recovery in the third and fourth quarters of the current fiscal year, according to the 5th Chairman of the Finance Commission, N K Singh.

India Ecommerce During COVID 19
Keeping a Fast and Safe E-Commerce in India Amid the Surge During COVID-19

COVID-19 has shifted the way the planet works, and personal health and social isolation have become key targets. As a consequence, online shopping has been not only a requirement but something of a lifestyle transition as we adapt to the modern paradigm.

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