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India Competitive Intelligence helps companies to develop and extend their markets through extensive industry data and advisory services.

Is your business facing these challenges?

Is it hard to create consumer proportions regardless of your small sector?

Are you applying the same sales model in various markets in South Asia?

Are your company decisions built based on unverified information?

Do you depend on macro data to set up company plans?

Service Offerings

Strategic Recommendations - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Strategic Recommendations

Comprehensive market entry/growth / strategic approach/acceleration strategy accompanied by detailed timetable, impact and positioning guidance, product selection, and consumer expectations.

Market Trends - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Market Size/Trends

Identify market size and patterns based on knowledge gathered from different stakeholders, including macro / microeconomic and associated industrial influences.

Industry Structure - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Industry Structure

Our team provides insight into the local delivery network and reflects on the issues and differences that exist amongst the key players in the target market.

Company Structure - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Company Structure

We use primary and secondary research to focus our study on the local organizational framework of the target company.

Competitive Intelligence - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Competitive Intelligence

Understand the market of target firms (i.e. consumer trends / promotions / partnerships / consumer channels)


Qualitative Research

We create and perform a range of interview techniques, including research items, direct interviews, mystery shoppers, mobile, and customer surveys.

Quantitative Survey - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Quantitative Survey

Our team performs internet and street polls, planning and improving study methods, and sharing conclusions.

Customer Understanding - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Customer Understanding

Existing and potential consumers will be consulted to evaluate their requirements and service quality, established vendors, decision-making processes, and product ranges.

Channel Understanding - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Channel Understanding

Browse publicly accessible knowledge and reports on distribution associates, retailers, and relevant stakeholders.

Opportunity Assessment - indiacompetitiveintelligence.com

Opportunity Assessment

Identify and analyze all possible market entry/growth alternatives using the matrix/attraction score based on the defined benchmark.

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